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Based in Zama and Aikawa, Kanagawa Prefecture

Holding cultural events for foreign visitors.

Do you know about me?

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"Let's experience real Japan that is not in the guidebook"


"Provide our service for all foreigners visiting Japan"

-Until Fun5 is founded-

​Kaori Tamura, who is the representative of Fun5, has supported the foreigners visiting Japan and held experiences for about 10 years when she could not speak English at all.

Fun5 is founded to satisfy more visitors with the people who feel the same way.

We would like to provide special experiences that are not listed in the guidebook.

What the Fun5 team wants is all the participants are fully satisfied.

​Representative greeting


Representative of Fun5 - Kaori Tamura

Hello!! Do you enjoy Japan? Fun5 can satisfy your Japanese life!

YouTuber 23,000 subscribers / Japanese culture evangelist / Nursery teacher qualification / Social welfare director appointment qualification / Child instructor appointment qualification / Certified babysitter /

Initiatives for SDGs


Everyone can enjoy the event equally regardless of nationality.

Would you like to work with us

2807-2 Mimase, Aikawa-cho, Aiko-gun, Kanagawa Prefecture

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Thank you!
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