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​ Cancellation policy

Please be sure to read it when you apply. By applying to participate in the event, you agree to this cancellation policy. Depending on the type of event, this cancellation policy may differ. Please see the event page for details.

​ About refund

Until 17:00 the day before: No cancellation fee

​ If canceled after 17:00 on the previous day or on the day: Full event fee will be charged

​ About correspondence in rainy weather

If the event is held outdoors, it may be canceled in the rain. Please check the event page for details.

​ About the cancellation of the event

​ If you cancel the event due to the circumstances of this service, we will contact you by 17:00 on the day before the event in principle, unless it is unavoidable due to a natural disaster.

​ Refund for the convenience of this service

​ If the event is canceled due to the convenience of this service, a full refund will be given.

​ About fever and poor physical condition

Please refrain from participating in the event if you have symptoms such as fever of 37.5 ° C or higher or poor physical condition on the day of the event.

​ About coronavirus infection

Please refrain from attending the event if the positive coronavirus is found by the antigen test or PCR test, or if you are a close contact.

​ Cancellation notice

名称未設定のアートワーク 2.PNG

​ Contact information

If you want to cancel after applying for the event due to unavoidable circumstances, please contact the following contact information.
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